CR78 - The Machine


The Roland CompuRhythm CR78 may seem primitive by today's standards but this drum machine was a huge advance in music especially in the 80s. A favourite amongst a huge collection of the 80s producers and used in countless songs including "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins and "Heart Of Glass" by Blondie. And what made the Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 so exciting, well it's drums sounded different, they sounded very different to your real percussion sound. With this in mind we thought this would be the perfect drum machine to start our new series, "The Machine".

As you know by now, we are big fans of the 80s and thought of how we could supply a drum machine series that was a little different from the rest, and this is how it panned out. "CR78 - The Machine" has all the CR78 drum sounds you need, recorded perfectly from the original machine and supplied in both flat and outboard tweaked versions. We've used the best vintage and digital software / hardware to polish the drum sounds and show them in their light for today's use but included the originals as well to supply that authentic classic Roland CR78 sound.

On top of that why have a sample pack that just supplies the drum sounds, what about the beats! Well "CR78 - The Machine" also delivers two very different collections of drum beats, "The Classic Folder" delivering the essential drum beats that the CR78 are so famously known for, and "The Modern Folder", a perfect collection of today's beats created solely using the CR78 drum sounds and supplied with multiple takes including  with kick, without kick and stripped own versions. All the classic and modern drum beats also include bpm information within the file name for fast use.

All in all "CR78 - The Machine" is an essential sample pack for all drum machine enthusiasts, classic 80s producers and those of us who want something classic and vintage whilst being bang up to date. So what's in the sample box you say?

If you love your drum machines then this is perfect way to start your collection and if you want something new and fresh from the CR-78 then you won't get any better than this.

CR-78 Drum Sounds - 106 samples
CR-78 Drum Beats - Classic - 157 loops
CR-78 Drum Beats - Modern - 166 loops

Files - Audio: 429
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 48-Khz
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 556 MB

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