About Us

Zenhiser is a Pro Audio Sample & Preset Company based in London UK & Noosa Australia.

Zenhiser was created for one simple reason, to bring new & exciting sample and preset libraries to the customer at affordable prices. Our catalogue is designed and packaged to be very specific which enables producers, remixers and film soundscpaers to source exactly what they need quickly. By keeping our sample & preset packs extremely precise and designed to one style or sub genre then producers can buy exactly what they need for their productions and be using them in minutes.

At Zenhiser we also believe that our pro sample library should be available to all producers and remixers, however big or small. For this reason we keep our pricing structure very competitive, this gives our customers fantastic value for money whilst bringing out some of the finest sample and preset titles ever released.

Here at Zenhiser we were the first to tag our audio files with key & bpm information, the first to supply dedicated sample packs to specific drum sounds, the first to deliver an extensive 80's catalogue including drum beat packs by year, the first to deliver fx specific packs including risers, sweeps, spinbacks, booms and more. We were also the first to supply bundle packs and one of the first to deliver downloadable sample products. Every year we try to keep pushing those boundaries with better bit rates, more dynamic and exclsuive catalogue and fresh ideas for our website. It's our job and we love it!

Who’s Behind The Scenes?

Zenhiser was founded in 2005 by Tony Rapacioli.

Tony is a veteran music producer with over forty releases and fifty remixes under his production belt. Tony's extensive music background has given Zenhiser an interesting spin on how producers like their samples and loops. Record label credits include MCA, EMI, Decca, AMPM, Virgin, Positiva, Platipus, Hooj Choons & Plastic Fantastic to name but a few. Tony also has an extensive DJ career with guest mixes on Radio 1 (UK) & Kiss FM (UK) plus DJ’ing stints in the England, Scotland, Europe, Mexico, Thailand, Australia & Japan.

The rest of the Zenhiser team is composed of sound designers, producers & remixers whose studio's vary from LA to Russia and Australia to Amsterdam. With a consistent audio production and remix schedule under their belt encompassed with the understanding of club trends over various continents we believe this has given our company an understanding of what the customer really wants and needs from pro audio samples, loops & presets.